The Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠ (CMLC℠) is a structured energy modality that has been developed for over 25 years of dedication and research.

CMLC℠ energy is present in individual and group sessions, and also in all CMLC℠ items such as books, crystals, minerals, stones, resins, natural solids, wearable practices, spiritual jewelry, and any item that carries the CMLC℠ name.

This means that any CMLC℠ item contains the healing energy of this method and brings a life connection energy of joy, peace, balance, alignment, and healing.

When you purchase a CMLC℠ item, you are giving a gift to your soul. Not only is it a material gift, but also a spiritual, artistic, intelectual and scientific one. These are called CMLC℠ Energy Tools.

CMLC℠ Energy Tools are designed to expand consciousness, encourage insights, and help heal the inner child within, so that he or she can be happy and healthy in our psyches. The stone in the center represents the inner child, and the “bracelet” around it symbolizes different types of healthy boundaries, depending on which area of life you need awareness, soul healing, and life connection.

Each item contains information about sacred geometry, soul healing, consciousness expansion, health and well-being, spiritual evolution and Truth.

When you purchase a CMLC℠ item, you are not just benefiting from crystal energy, but also from the programming of all CMLC℠ Pillars and Alignments.
This means that every CMLC℠ stone, crystal, mineral, natural solid or man-made crystal  brings the healing energy of family constellations (which includes both African and European soul-healing wisdom), Native American wisdoms, Chakra alignment and healing, and healthy vibrations of the Inner Child, the Ego, the Real Self and the Higher Self.
This is all explained in detail the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, for sale on The knowledge of this whole book is contained in each CMLC℠ item.


You can further explore the richness of Cardinal Method of Life Connection℠ energy by watching the YouTube channel PAOLA RANOVA, reading the blog and exploring this website.

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