Distance Sessions

What are Distance Sessions?

Distance Sessions with Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystals have wonderful results in promoting quick insights about life, and expanding consciousness about who you really are and what gives your life meaning and purpose.

Distance Sessions have the same results as in person sessions.

At Ranova, we combine Cardinal of Method of Life Connection perspectives and Cardinal Method Crystals with the BodyTalk Protocol, and the sessions reveal very accurate information that increase your awareness of life and contribute to your personal growth.

Sometimes immediate changes can be noticed, and they can be very obvious. Other times, changes happen in constant, rhytmic layers, as our consciousness needs to go through certain processes until it is ready to address deeper priorities.

Regardless of the type and pace of results, you will notice your insights getting more frequent and accurate, your consciousness increasingly expanding, and your well-being increasing.

With the BodyTalk Protocol, we are “waking our consciousness up”, and reminding the body’s natural intelligence that it can heal itself and/or different areas of our lives as it strengthens our professional, emotional, financial, and spiritual fields.

How can I receive a Distance Session?

To receive a Distance Session with Cardinal Method of Life Connection Perspectives and Crystals you need to:

  • Contact us, and we will send you an Intake Form, which should be filled out by you and sent back with a photo of yourself (without sunglasses, please)
  • Send us your payment through PayPal

Next, all you have to do is wait for your session to arrive in your email – it will be described to you in an audio. You do not have to be laying down or doing anything special at the time the session is being performed remotely.

A Distance Session from Ranova is always performed in perfect timing for you. We will send you the distance session within a week from the date your payment is posted.

What do I do after I hear my audio?

After you hear the audio of your session, it is important that you tap your Cortices. The Cortices Technique is the single most improtant BodyTalk technique in the whole Protocol, and anyone can learn and do it regularly.

Tapping your cortices after you hear your audio will guarantee the shifts will be made by your bodymind on a consciousness level.

This is a link to a video tutorial:

Demonstration of Cortices Technique Update Including The Gut Brain with Paola Ranova

Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Workshop in Miami, March/2017

Introduction to Magnified Healing Lecture with Dr. Paola Novaes Ramos at 2 Be Healthy in Miami: February 17th (Friday), 2017, at 6:00 pm.

Magnified Healing 1st Phase Workshop with Dr. Paola Novaes Ramos at 2 Be Healthy in Miami: March 11th-12th (Saturday and Sunday), 2017

Saturday: 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 PM to 3:00 PM


2BeHealthy Inc.

4588 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

(305) 538-8998



Cardinal Method of Life Connection

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection (CMLC or CM) is an energy modality designed to bring two main results to your life: 1. more awareness of Self, and 2. a continuous connection with a good, awesome, deep, truthful & fulfilled Life.

Created and developed by Paola Ranova in more than 22 years of study and research about crystals, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection has different types of sessions and workshops. Sessions can be individual and in groups, and there are also lectures and workshops you can attend to increase your awareness of self and your life connection.

All Cardinal Method of Life Connection sessions are done with crystals. Healing the Soul with Crystals is the gravitational center of this modality. Along with crystal energy, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection is inspired in four fundamental pillars of ancestral and contemporary knowledge about the Soul: Family ConstellationsNative American WisdomsThe Hindu Chakras System and the contemporary idea of an Inner Child we all have.

Individual Cardinal Method sessions, when done in order, are called “The Cardinal Method Journey”. The first individual session of a CM Journey is called “Visualizing the Soul”. It is an introductory session in which we visualize where the problems are and where the priority focus for release should be (or focuses, since there is usually more than one priority for healing).

The second individual session of the Cardinal Method Journey is “The Arrow” session. It is a three-hour long interaction in which we focus on ancestral healing up to seven generations back.

The third individual session in the Cardinal Method Journey is “The Chakras” session. We observe which chakras are blocked in which areas of your life and reveal many of the root causes of your personal issues.

The fourth and last step of the CM Journey is the Inner Child session, in which we visualize the main problems of your present life with the perspective of the child you once were.

Aside from the individual sessions of the Cardinal Method Journey, we hold Cardinal Method Family Constellation Mornings group sessions every month at Ranova Healing Center. These sessions are held from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We have a forty-minute lecture about how crystals work in a Cardinal Method Constellation, and then we hold three Family Constellations with two breaks in between. To participate you can either have your own constellation or represent in someone else’s constellation. To understand more about how family constellations work, please what the video “Introduction to Family Constellations” on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=283A0cmznek

You must reserve your spots in advance by calling 561-213-1756 (for Cardinal Method Constellations at Ranova Healing Center in Boca Raton) or 305-538-8998 (Cardinal Method Constellations at @ Be Healthy in Miami)

We also hold Cardinal Method of Life Connection Lectures and Workshops about Crystals, Chakras, the Inner Child, Native American Wisdoms, Family Constellations and many more at Ranova Healing Center. Please get in touch with us and check the Upcoming Events for more information.


Magnified Healing® Workshops

Magnified Healing® is a very powerful spiritual modality that opens your Heart to the powers of Love, Compassion & Forgiveness.

The founders of Magnified Healing® are Rev. Gisèle King and Kathryn Anderson, and this modality first started in Miami, in 1992.

Magnified Healing® works with powerful vibrational frequencies from higher realms of consciousness and are held at Ranova Healing Center in Boca Raton and 2 Be Healthy in Miami both in English and Portuguese and taught by Dr. Paola Novaes Ramos.

Reserve your spot for the next upcoming course and feel your life expand and change in fast, beautiful and wonderful ways.

To find out more, please visit www.magnifiedhealing.com