Cardinal Method Individual Sessions


An introductory individual session, in person or via Skype, in which client and practitioner discuss emotional and soul contents using crystals to visualize and liberate energetic blockages and unsolved issues. The priority focus is for emotional relief and consciousness expansion, allowing more strength, vital energy and freedom to flow into your life.



This is an ancestral healing session with crystals that takes 3 hours and can only be done in person at Ranova. Together we observe the family history of both mother and father in the past seven generations (sometimes more). The “Arrow” session includes a mini on a heated amethyst biomat to get more clarity and focus on the priorities.



In this session client and practitioner observe how conscious and unconscious relationships with family members and ancestors may be interfering in the client’s chakra energies. This session allows the client to observe which chakras are blocked in which areas of your life and reveal many of the root causes of personal issues.

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In this session crystals are used to help you look at how your wounded inner child may be ruling your unconscious mind in ways that sabotage your adult life. Client & practitioner visualize the main problems of your present life with the perspective of the child you once were.

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