CMLC℠ Constellations & Group Sessions

Have Your Own Cardinal Method℠ Constellation

Experience your own Cardinal Method℠ Constellation with Paola Ranova in a safe, trusting environment. You will be able to work on generational healing and release emotional pain with the help of crystals and a group of amazing people who will be there to help you feel better and heal your emotional, professional, financial and relationship issues with compassion, love and support.

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Representing in Cardinal Method℠ Constellations

You can represent in Cardinal Method℠ Constellations to help others heal their lives and families. At the same time, you will also be healing your own family just by participating in someone else’s constellation, because we have more things in common with others than we realize.

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Cardinal Method℠ Group Sessions

Small Cardinal Method℠ Group Sessions  focus on individual consciousness and how we can move forward by clearing away loyalty to family pain and unconscious fear of happiness. It helps to develop a more allowing mind and more connection with the abundant flow of life.

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