Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystal Heart


The book YOUR CARDINAL CONNECTIONS by Paola Novaes Ramos, PhD, also known as Paola Ranova, teaches you two powerful self-healing practices with crystals and you can get your own Cardinal Method of Life Connection crystals at our RanovaLife Online Shop.

Cardinal Method of Life Connection “Crystal Hearts” are great healing tools.

You can hold them as you read a soul healing book and use them as self-connection meditation tools.

The book YOUR CARDINAL CONNECTIONS has an awesome “Gratitude Flow Practice” in which you can use your Cardinal Method Crystal Heart.

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystal Heart you get will be a surprise!

It will be made of the exact crystal or stone that you need in the present moment.

This is the best part. You will be amazed with how accurate and joyful the energy of your surprise Cardinal Method of Life Connection Crystal Heart is when you receive it in the mail.

This is how the magic happens – you do not choose it consciously and it will be perfect for you.

Your Cardinal Method of Life Connection “Crystal Heart” comes in a pouch so you can keep it safe.

Remember to place it on a plate or bowl with dry coarse salt so it can discharge and say a prayer of gratitude to charge it with beautiful, pure, positive energy.

Purchase it now and feel your whole life start to change and expand into beautiful paths of joy, wisdom and life connection!

Price: U.S.D. $40.00

We are international and ship all over the world. Specific shipping costs will be emailed to you after your purchase.

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